rose calendar cover and January

Rose Calendars

Rose Calendars for 2015

Rose calendars for 2015 are available from both the American Rose Society and the Albuquerque Rose Society. The two have different images, and both are beautiful.

The images in the 2015 Albuquerque Rose Calendar were the winners at the 2014 Spring Rose Show. I am pleased that five of the twelve images were my winners in that show, including “Best of Show.”

rose calendars cover and January

Best of Show – Gemini – from the class “Rose Art”

rose calendars distant drums

Best of Theme – The Artistic Rose – Distant Drums

rose calendars - Leonidas

Best of Black and White Challenge – Leonidas

rose calendars gemini

Best of Section – The Rose – Gemini

rose calendars Dream Weaver

Best in Class – Rose Sprays – Dream Weaver

For my friends in the Albuquerque area, I recently found out that the calendars are available in a variety of places:

    The Garden Shop, Albuquerque Garden Center
    Figments Tea Shoppe
    Jackalope Pottery
    Jericho Nursery
    Osuna Nursery

Given that one month of 2015 has already passed, I don’t know if a discount is being given on the calendars, but it never hurts to ask!

The wall calendar is priced at $10.00, and a smaller perpetual calendar is priced at $5.00. All proceeds go to the Albuquerque Rose Society.


Rose Mermaid – 2013 Spring Bloom Comes to an End

Rose Mermaid

‘Mermaid’s’ 2013 spring bloom was beautiful and amazing. She had more blossoms than ever before, and virtually no thrip problems. She won the American Rose Society’s Victorian Award at the Albuquerque Rose Society’s Spring Show, and Best of Show (Horticulture) at the Albuquerque Council of Garden Clubs Spring Show. But, more than the awards, she was just a joy to behold in the yard and on the patio.

Mermaid can be an aggressive grower, and the last major blooming branch was headed into the patio. This is not particularly desirable, because she has many very prickly thorns. People only half-jokingly say that she will attack anyone or anything that comes close. But, I left this branch until the last bloom was gone.

rose mermaid

‘Mermaid’ on July 4

rose mermaid

‘Mermaid’ July 10, 2013

This rose is interesting to view, even when the gorgeous, creamy fresh blooms are gone. The stamens, bright golden with pollen when they are fresh, hold interest for long after.

rose stamens

Two-day-old center with stamens

‘Mermaid’ seems to be tolerating the Southwest’s extreme drought and summer heat very well. Although the first flush of blooms is now over, she is already putting out new growth everywhere!

rose mermaid

New growth on ‘Mermaid’

rose mermaid

More new growth

At the rate this beauty grows, it will not be long until there are new blossoms!


Albuquerque Rose Show, 2013

The Albuquerque Rose Show was held today, June 1, 2013.

In spite of very warm weather back in April, followed by a couple of freezing night temperatures later, people managed to pull together some nice roses and some very nice arrangements, to make a good show.

albuquerque rose show

Albuquerque Rose Show, 2013

The work of a lot of people is required to have a successful rose show. Here are some images, in no particular order, of some of the Albuquerque area people who helped to make today’s show a success. (In another post, I’ll show some of the judges for today).

Charlene Bacchus keeps the Rose Garden running, which is a year-round job. For today’s rose show, she was in charge of the classification table, making sure entries were correctly named and placed in the correct classes.

Charlene Bacchus

Charlene Bacchus

Jack Ortega was Judges’ Chairman. He and his wife Juanita are outstanding exhibitors.

Jack Ortega

Jack Ortega

Jody Ifversen took reservations for photographs; served in classification and placement for photographs; and was the blue ribbon runner for the show.

Jody Ifversen

Jody Ifversen

Beth Baker was busy helping exhibitors in the morning, and then visitors later in the day. She took out just enough time to allow me to photograph her.

Beth Baker

Beth Baker

Rose friends in the Pacific Southwest District probably know Carroll Sue Wagner quite well. She has been both a Horticulture and Arrangement Judge (now Emeritus in Arrangements), Consulting Rosarian, famed pruning lecturer at the pruning demonstrations in the spring, and is another person who worked hard on the 1998 National Convention.

Carroll Sue Wagner

Carroll Sue Wagner

Debbie Butcher did whatever needed to be done. She is also the treasurer for the Albuquerque Rose Society.

Debbie Butcher

Debbie Butcher

Pat Jeremia has become a wonderful arranger since joining the Albuquerque Rose Society. For years she worked at the shows putting extra roses into bouquets and arrangements for sale, which helped as a fundraiser for the local society. Here she is shown before the show, working on what became her award winning arrangement. She won the Princess Award for an arrangement of all fresh roses.

Pat Jeremia

Pat Jeremia

Pat Stone had been a member for some time before I joined the Albuquerque Rose Society. For those of you who remember the 1998 National Convention in Albuquerque, Pat, along with her husband Hal (“Stoney”) contributed much to that convention. Pat has worked hard every year that I have been a member.

Pat Stone

Pat Stone

These are just some of the people who helped to make the 2013 Albuquerque Rose Show a success.

In the next few days, I’ll post some images of some of the judges, and separately, some of the winning arrangements and more roses.


The Saga of ‘Mermaid,’ Part 14


Mermaid -Best of Show, Albuquerque Rose Show 2010

Over the past several years, I have documented ‘Mermaid’ as a beautiful Old Garden Rose (hybrid bracteata) introduced in 1918. She was up to my roof, and in May of 2006 won “Best of Show” in the Albuquerque Rose Show. You have seen that “The Big Snow of 2006” almost totally destroyed her, and she had to be cut off at the ground. She has very slowly come back. She is not yet up to the roof, but this spring she is blooming as beautifully and prolifically as when she was in her prime.

She just won the ARS Victorian Award for best OGR introduced after 1874, as well as Exhibitors Dream and BEST OF SHOW at the Albuquerque rose show June 5.

‘Mermaid’ is back!


Albuquerque Rosarians Honored at District Convention

On April 19, 2008, some of the Albuquerque Rose Society’s members were honored at the Pacific Southwest District Convention in Mesa, Arizona.

Leah Watterberg was named Judge Emeritus in recognition of the years and hard work she spent as an ARS Accredited Rose Judge.

Claudia Bonnett was awarded the Silver Medal for outstanding service to the PSWD. This is the highest award a district can bestow.

Carroll Sue Wagner was named Outstanding District Consulting Rosarian. If you have ever attended one of the Albuquerque Rose Society’s pruning demonstrations in March at the Wyoming Library, you have undoubtedly met Carroll Sue.

Ron Feurer was named Outstanding District Horticulture Judge. Ron is a member of the Palm Desert Rose Society. However, Ron is graduate of Albuquerque’s 2005 American Rose Society National Rose Arrangement Judging School, and we are very proud of him!

Congratulations to all for these honors!