The container roses in May, 2006:
May 2006
The container roses December 30, 2006. This “never” happens here!
Those pots you can’t see because of the snow contain roses!

Those pots you can’t see because of the snow contain roses!  A lot of damaged canes and branches had to be cleared when the snow melted and spring came.  That was a huge mess! Albuquerque rarely sees the destructiveness of the sheer weight of snow. But the two snows in December, 2006, combined to cause a lot of damge in the Albuquerque area.
Read the full story of Albuquerque’s Big Snow here.

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Mermaid, a hybrid bracteata introduced in 1918, in May of 2006.

Mermaid, May 2006
Victorian Award and Best Horticultural Entry, Albuquerque Rose Show, May 2006

Mermaid after First December 2006 Snow
Mermaid after the first snow in December, 2006.

Mermaid after Big Snow
Mermaid after the snow December 29-30, 2006.

Mermaid as snow melted

Mermaid as the snow began to melt.

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“A Few Harmless Flakes. . .”


Hail Storm 7/12/2004


Cane snapped by high wind 4/10/07

Wind damage 4/10/07

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