Old Photos

Old Photos

Going back through old photos can be a bit of a challenge and also an interesting reminder of what once was. These images were made with the first digital camera I owned, a Nikon Coolpix 4300. Everything was on Automatic, including the flash. 🙂 That camera died after years of good use, and shortly after these images were made. I had purchased it for the sole purpose of photographing roses I judged at rose shows.

This slide show is made of images taken in June, 2008 at an ARS Rose Judging Seminar in Palm Springs, California. A lot of the same people are around today, but the overall atmosphere, goals, principles, and values of the District where this was held are palpably different.

If you prefer looking at individual images rather than a slide show, the Gallery is here.

This post will ultimately scroll off the front page, so I have also posted the video on the “People” page of this website.

2 thoughts on “Old Photos

  1. Nice. I had to go to the gallery because the slide show wouldn’t load. There were a few faces I recognized.

    • Hi, Tim. The first load is always slow. Sometimes it helps to reload the page (but not always). But I put the link to the Gallery because a lot of people would rather look at the images, anyway. A lot of the people there are still around now. I think that is where Jack and Juanita did their judging school.
      Thanks for dropping by today. 🙂

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