Late Summer Flowers

Late Summer Flowers

The Earth Laughs with Flowers ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Late summer flowers in the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico are magnificent.

late summer flowers

Cosmos in Corrales

Visiting with friends Tim and Laurie is always fun. Visits usually include Tim and I photographing, and Laurie sketching. This weekend was no different. Our “photographic expeditions and excursions” are on temporary hold. However, we make the most of what is locally available. Their property always has great photo ops, but their Lively Meadow is especially lively in late summer.

A forest of sunflowers greets the arriving visitor. As I was driving into Corrales, I almost stopped to photograph some sunflowers growing along the highway. I laughed at myself as I drove into their property. I was also glad I did not stop along the highway!

late summer flowers


The tall sunflowers provide a natural backdrop for the cosmos.

late summer flowers

Sunflowers and Cosmos

Cosmos are a riot of color. The little blue flowers are morning glories.

late summer flowers

Colorful Cosmos

Laurie sketched while Tim and I photographed.

late summer flowers

Laurie Sketching

Later, as we always do, we went back to the house and deck.

Tim and Spunk:

man and cat

Tim and Spunk

On the deck and outdoor kitchen:

man hat coffee

Tim Relaxing



I don’t know how or why, but something a little special and always unpredictable seems to appear at just the right time. I love this beautiful, sparkly little damsel fly that visited the butterfly bush as we were enjoying conversation on the deck.

damsel fly

Damsel Fly

A beautiful late summer day with friends and flowers.

6 thoughts on “Late Summer Flowers

  1. Great photos. I look a little silly in my hat with the coffee cup, but what can I say. Laurie and Spunk are cute as always.

    • Hi, Tim. I had a great time. I like the pic with the hat, but if you would like, I’ll take it down.
      I am so glad you pointed out the damsel fly! That was the big unexpected moment. I always have such a great time with you and Laurie!

    • Hi, Lars. You and Tim have created such a beautiful space year round! No matter when, there is always something either beautiful or interesting to photograph. I did miss last years “fall photographic expedition” and I will miss it year, but I have great hopes for all of us that we’ll be able to resume doing those again before too long.
      To me, though, the most wonderful thing, sort of from the outside looking in, in a sense, is the fellowship you and Tim have created at your home – the friendship, conversation, and *great food* 🙂 shared after the photographs are done, no matter where they have been done. <3

  2. I always enjoy your posts. In these days of discontent it is a pleasure to see healthy people enjoying each other’s company and sharing their visions. I am reminded of a quote from the psychologist Rollo May (I think) who said “If the human mind has a basement it has an attic also”. He was
    referring to the tendency of psychology to study negative or pathological aspects of human behavior rather than the sources of creativity and inspiration that are signs of “self actualized”‘people. Your posts
    and produtivity are a reminder of our potential.

    • Bob, you are always so kind in your comments, and I always learn a new reference as well! I appreciate that you read the posts, and the comments really do make my day. Thank you so much!

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