Rose Buds

Rose Buds: So Close to the Grand Opening!

Rose buds. Over the winter I showed you some rose hips and some spent blooms, but now first bloom is very close! Most of the rose buds in my yard are now showing some color, a promise of a riot of color in a few days. Last week, with the one night of freezing temperatures at my house and close to freezing the night before slowed the process just a bit. But, the nights are warmer now, and many of these should be open this week. These images are just a sampling of my roses getting ready to bloom in a very small Albuquerque yard.

Miniature rose, ‘Yoyo.’

yoyo rose buds

Miniature rose, ‘Yoyo,’ covered with buds

Bud of miniature rose, ‘Yoyo,’ about to open.

yoyo rose buds

Close up of bud of ‘Yoyo’

Bud on small spray of shrub rose ‘Flower Girl,’ about to open. ‘Flower Girl’ can make huge sprays, and some seem to be developing for a little later.

flower girl rose buds

Bud of shrub rose, ‘Flower Girl’

Tis large flowered climber, ‘Royal Sunset,’ makes long and elegant buds.

royal sunset rose buds

The elegant bud of the large flowered climber, ‘Royal Sunset’

I hope later in the week to show a lot of colorful blooms!

2 thoughts on “Rose Buds

  1. Beautiful! We have lots of buds for this time of year, and surprise malize, Betty Boop, boop boop boopity dooed, her way to be our second bloomer this year. She beat out Austrian Copper who is still only thinking about blooming.

    • Hi, Tim! This does seem to be great year for lots of buds early, although I am surprised you have them actually blooming where you are, given the recent cold nights.
      Betty Boop is an amazing rose for this area, I think. Mine *might* open today (if not, tomorrow).
      I saw some ‘Austrian Copper’ up in the Heights that was about bloomed out, and was reminded how pretty it can be, even if briefly. So, I’m glad you still have that to look forward to (among many others!)
      Those ‘Dr. Hueys’ may bloom a little earlier this year 😉

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