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New PowerPoint Presentation: How to Mount and Mat an 8×10 Photo for an ARS Rose Show

This new PowerPoint presentation is actually an updated version of one I did last year. At the time, I posted it as a pdf file and also as a Kindle at Amazon. However, I have reworked it into a smaller file that can be posted as a PowerPoint presentation on this blog. You may download and repost this PowerPoint, as long as you give a credit line.

This guide for mounting and matting an image applies only to photographs for exhibition in rose shows. These typically last only one or two days, and exhibitors then take the photographs home. They generally are not for sale. The photographs at a rose show are for short-term display, and the suggestions here reflect that. The suggestions here are not suggestions for how to mount and mat photographs in general, or for any purpose other than display in rose shows, and then only those whose schedules call for the photograph to be mounted and matted with outside dimensions of 11×14 inches.

I hope my rose friends find it useful.

I have added a new page to this blog, Rose Photography Presentations, with two sub-pages. One will contain more PowerPoint presentations as I complete them. The other contains images, handouts, and two of the PowerPoints from the summing up Photography Judging Seminar held in 2012. I keep it here as an archive of the birth of photography in the PSWD.