Garden Ornaments

Garden Ornaments from the 2015 Corrales Garden Tour

Garden ornaments can be whimsical, serious, beautiful, colorful – any variety of anything a gardener wishes to have. Here are a few examples from one of the gardens on the 2015 Corrales Garden Tour this past June.

Ever have days like this?

garden ornaments

Ever Have Days Like This?

Some are more serene:

garden ornaments

The serenity of music and angels

Whimsy is always fun:

garden ornaments

Whimsical Bee

When pigs fly…

garden ornaments

When pigs fly…

These are just a few of the ornaments seen in one Corrales garden. They were all interesting, and added a different kind of visual appeal to the setting. All made me wonder what the owner was thinking when they were placed, and what thoughts they continue to bring to mind not only to the owner but to casual visitors.

This was a fun garden to visit on the Corrales Garden Tour.

4 thoughts on “Garden Ornaments

    • Hi, Tim. That was a wonderful day, wasn’t it? I liked all of them, also. I haven’t processed any of the sheet metal ones yet, but that is another project. Of course, I have barely scratched the surface of the parade. 🙂 )))))))
      We certainly have a lot saved up for a rainy day 😉

      • I probably should go back to the garden tour and the parade. Lots of pics there that I haven’t done anything with.

        • Yeah, for sure. You have at least as many as I do, and probably twice that. Both were such great days, photographically and every other way.

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