One Rose with Two Names

“Yoyo” is a sport of “Gizmo,” which is the bright orange blossom in this photo. Yoyo has a range of expression, from solid red (mainly in cooler weather) to red with “hand painted” orange stripes (mainly in mid-summer).

Yoyo was registered in 2003. In 2006, the same sport was registered in its solid red phase as “Spring Fling.” At the present time, the ARS considers these two phases of the same sport to be two different roses. This was a political decision based on expediency, not on science and not on the rules for registering sports.

So, listen up, exhibitors. If you are really lucky and have a branch that reverts to Gizmo, you potentially have three entries for a rose show from one plant: Yoyo, Spring Fling, and Gizmo. The ARS is aware of this problem, and has chosen to allow the two different registrations of the same sport stand.

Go figure. Or, better yet, have a good laugh!

In the meantime, the ARS needs to develop a written policy for how the same sport independently discovered by different people will be appropriately handled. Until then, the credibility and integrity of the ARS in rose registration can fairly be called into question.