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ARS Photo Competitions, Floral Arrangements

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ARS Photo Competitions, Floral Arrangements

ARS photo competitions, floral arrangements: the American Rose Society Board gave temporary approval for Guidelines for Judging Rose Photography in 2015. The Board approved a revision in 2016. This PowerPoint is one of several I will be posting here over the next few months to give our members examples of images I have created of the various Classes following the Guidelines. I would like to encourage interested rosarians to photograph roses, including floral arrangements, and enter them in ARS shows, including local, district, and national shows; the ARS Digital Photography competition; and the ARS Calendar competitions.

Views presented here are my own, but I believe the images conform to the current Guidelines. Photography in the ARS is a work in progress, so do not be surprised if over time the Guidelines change. The current Guidelines should be applicable at least through the 2018 ARS National Convention and Rose Show.

ARS photo competitions, floral arrangements

Traditional Mass Design by Debi Harrington

Logged in users at this site may download and share (including posting on websites) the PowerPoint for use for educational purposes, as long as a credit line is given. I have also posted this PowerPoint in the dedicated page for such presentations. This PowerPoint is sized for web and digital device presentation. If anyone needs a higher resolution file, please contact me through the Contact page.

Finally, the American Rose Society has more information about many aspects of roses at their website.


Floral Designs from the 2013 Albuquerque Council of Garden Clubs Spring Show

Floral designs in Garden Council are very different from those that follow American Rose Society Guidelines. I always enjoy seeing the different approaches to floral design.

The Council of Albuquerque Garden Clubs Spring Flower Show was held on June 16, 2013.

I thought this entry by Debi Harrington, who won Best of Show at the Rose Show three weeks earlier, was stunning. The class was entitled Ä Day Hike in the Woods.” It called for all dry plant material.

floral design

Debi Harrington

Mary Ann Moreno is also known for her striking designs. This is “Sunday Night at the NASCAR Track.”

floral designs

Mary Ann Moreno

Some new designers made their presence known at this show.

This is Debra Sorrell’s, Ä Winter’s Day Spent on the Slopes.”

floral design

Debra Sorrell

This is Debra Sorrell’s “Saturday Afternoon Matinee.”

floral design

Debra Sorrell

Everyone was talking about Thelma Escalante’s underwater design, “A Day Spent Snorkeling.”

floral desings

Thelma Escalante, A Day Spent Snorkeling

Thelma also was awarded for her design In “Daddy’s Little Girl’s Wedding Day.”

floral design

Thelma Escalante, Daddy’s Little Girl’s Wedding Day

Maple Levine’s design with dried wood and sunflowers was in the class “Saturday Morning Tee Time.”

floral designs

Maple Levine, Saturday Morning Tee Time

It was fun to see designs so different from those I am used to seeing in rose shows, and to meet new people (and to see some old friends).