Rose Mermaid – 2013 Spring Bloom Comes to an End

Rose Mermaid

‘Mermaid’s’ 2013 spring bloom was beautiful and amazing. She had more blossoms than ever before, and virtually no thrip problems. She won the American Rose Society’s Victorian Award at the Albuquerque Rose Society’s Spring Show, and Best of Show (Horticulture) at the Albuquerque Council of Garden Clubs Spring Show. But, more than the awards, she was just a joy to behold in the yard and on the patio.

Mermaid can be an aggressive grower, and the last major blooming branch was headed into the patio. This is not particularly desirable, because she has many very prickly thorns. People only half-jokingly say that she will attack anyone or anything that comes close. But, I left this branch until the last bloom was gone.

rose mermaid

‘Mermaid’ on July 4

rose mermaid

‘Mermaid’ July 10, 2013

This rose is interesting to view, even when the gorgeous, creamy fresh blooms are gone. The stamens, bright golden with pollen when they are fresh, hold interest for long after.

rose stamens

Two-day-old center with stamens

‘Mermaid’ seems to be tolerating the Southwest’s extreme drought and summer heat very well. Although the first flush of blooms is now over, she is already putting out new growth everywhere!

rose mermaid

New growth on ‘Mermaid’

rose mermaid

More new growth

At the rate this beauty grows, it will not be long until there are new blossoms!


Floral Designs from the 2013 Albuquerque Council of Garden Clubs Spring Show

Floral designs in Garden Council are very different from those that follow American Rose Society Guidelines. I always enjoy seeing the different approaches to floral design.

The Council of Albuquerque Garden Clubs Spring Flower Show was held on June 16, 2013.

I thought this entry by Debi Harrington, who won Best of Show at the Rose Show three weeks earlier, was stunning. The class was entitled Ä Day Hike in the Woods.” It called for all dry plant material.

floral design

Debi Harrington

Mary Ann Moreno is also known for her striking designs. This is “Sunday Night at the NASCAR Track.”

floral designs

Mary Ann Moreno

Some new designers made their presence known at this show.

This is Debra Sorrell’s, Ä Winter’s Day Spent on the Slopes.”

floral design

Debra Sorrell

This is Debra Sorrell’s “Saturday Afternoon Matinee.”

floral design

Debra Sorrell

Everyone was talking about Thelma Escalante’s underwater design, “A Day Spent Snorkeling.”

floral desings

Thelma Escalante, A Day Spent Snorkeling

Thelma also was awarded for her design In “Daddy’s Little Girl’s Wedding Day.”

floral design

Thelma Escalante, Daddy’s Little Girl’s Wedding Day

Maple Levine’s design with dried wood and sunflowers was in the class “Saturday Morning Tee Time.”

floral designs

Maple Levine, Saturday Morning Tee Time

It was fun to see designs so different from those I am used to seeing in rose shows, and to meet new people (and to see some old friends).