Bees and Dragonfly

Bees and Dragonfly in an Insect-Friendly Garden

Bees and a beautiful dragonfly delight this gardener, who several years ago changed my approach to gardening to attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and others.

For many years, I sprayed my roses, and used systemic fertilizers with pesticides as well. I did not have much variety in my garden in terms of types of flowers. Several years ago I decided to stop spraying, and to add a few different flowers known to attract pollinators. In a very short time, I began to see more bees and butterflies here. I should note that I have several neighbors who are organic gardeners, so we have a more neighborhood sized area friendly to pollinators.

Two days ago I was out just enjoying the flowers that were blooming. I was aware of the variety of bees buzzing around, along with a few butterflies and some black chinned hummingbirds. But, I almost stuck my nose on this gigantic dragonfly before I even saw it! It stayed for some time, which allowed me to grab my camera and photograph it. Its beauty was quite complex, and I am glad it stayed long enough for a photograph.

Beautiful, but well camouflaged, dragonfly

bees and dragonfly

Beautiful Dragonfly

Busy bee laden with pollen

bees and dragonfly

Pollen laden bee

A different bee laden with pollen

bees and dragonfly

A different bee laden with pollen

5 thoughts on “Bees and Dragonfly

    • Thanks, Tim!
      I had never seen a dragonfly quite like this one, and I thought it was especially beautiful and complex. I was so glad it stayed long enough for me to photograph it!

  1. Incredible image of an extremely beautiful dragonfly! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us Susan!

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