Rose Hips

Rose Hips: Little Jewels in the Garden

Rose hips have been valued for a variety of reasons, but not frequently just as something interesting to look at or a thing of beauty to photograph. On this blog, I have looked at “Winter Beauty” and, on my photography blog at the interesting transition from “Winter to Spring.” Now I would like to show you some rose hips for their beauty and intrinsically interesting nature. If you have seen one, you have not seen them all!

rose hips

Hip of Climbing Rose, ‘Fourth of July’

All hips do not look the same, even on the same bush. I will show you some examples now.

These two hips from the same bush of ‘Buffalo Gal’ look rather different. The larger one appears fully developed, and shows some the rugosa characteristics on the outside.

Here are two hips from the Climbing Floribunda, ‘Dream Weaver:’

Two hips from the modern shrub rose, ‘Flower Girl:’

Two hips from the modern shrub rose, ‘Route 66’

These “almost hips” are from the early David Austin shrub, ‘The Squire:’

Finally, three hips from the miniature rose, ‘Yoyo:’

In 2014 I did photograph some images that were an overview of some hips in the garden.

hips of rose Yoyo

Hips of Miniature Rose ‘Yoyo,’ my registered sport of ‘Gizmo.’

Rose hips can be quite beautiful, unique, and intriguing!

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