incognito rose hip

Another Rose Hip

Rose Hip of Miniature Rose, ‘Incognito’

Rose hip of miniature rose, ‘Incognito,’ that surprised me with all of the petals of the bloom still attached, here in February. Every now and then I’ll see a rose hip with one or two petals still attached, but it is not common to find so many petals still attached.

incognito rose hip

Rose hip of ‘Incognito,’ with petals still attached

Here in the high desert, we do not prune our roses until much later, late March for some of the own-root roses and mid April for most of the hybrid teas.

Last week was exceptionally warm here, and I spent time out cleaning up flower beds, removing some dead and/or crossing canes in some of the roses, and enjoying looking at and photographing some of the remains of last year’s blooms. This was one I found exceptionally interesting. I hope you enjoy seeing it also.

For those of you who prefer more dramatic:

rose hip

For those who prefer more dramatic, a different process of Incognito rose hip