Palm Springs International Rose Photography Show at the 2009 ARS Fall Convention

At the 2009 Fall Convention of the American Rose Society, there will be a separate Photography Show.

Details and a final Photography Schedule are not yet available (7/10/2009), but a link will be posted here as soon as those are available on the official website of the convention.

The Rose Photography Show will open for public viewing at 9:00 am local time on Friday, November 13, and again on Saturday, November 14 at the same time. Each day the Show will be open until 5:00 pm.

Watch for updates, and plan to enter your rose photographs.


Judging of Photographs at the 2009 ARS Fall Convention and Palm Springs International Rose Photography Show

Judging will take place on the evening of Thursday, November 12, 2009, starting with the Judges’ Meeting at 5:00 pm. The judging will last until all entries have been judged and the results recorded.


Mermaid 2009

Rose 'Mermaid'

Rose 'Mermaid'

This is the rose that was almost destroyed in Albuquerque’s “100-year Snow” in December of 2006. Although it is not yet as tall as before the storm, 2.5 years later, ‘Mermaid’ has returned to its full glory in terms of quality and quantity of blossoms!

Patience does pay.