One Rose with Two Names

“Yoyo” is a sport of “Gizmo,” which is the bright orange blossom in this photo. Yoyo has a range of expression, from solid red (mainly in cooler weather) to red with “hand painted” orange stripes (mainly in mid-summer).

Yoyo was registered in 2003. In 2006, the same sport was registered in its solid red phase as “Spring Fling.” At the present time, the ARS considers these two phases of the same sport to be two different roses. This was a political decision based on expediency, not on science and not on the rules for registering sports.

So, listen up, exhibitors. If you are really lucky and have a branch that reverts to Gizmo, you potentially have three entries for a rose show from one plant: Yoyo, Spring Fling, and Gizmo. The ARS is aware of this problem, and has chosen to allow the two different registrations of the same sport stand.

Go figure. Or, better yet, have a good laugh!

In the meantime, the ARS needs to develop a written policy for how the same sport independently discovered by different people will be appropriately handled. Until then, the credibility and integrity of the ARS in rose registration can fairly be called into question.


The American Rose Society at the Crossroads: The Cost of Gas and Other Odds and Ends

Yesterday, one of the moderators asked a great question over at Rosarians Corner; “will the cost of gasoline affect your attendance at rose shows?”

In my opinion, the American Rose Society (and probably a lot of other volunteer hobby societies) was in some trouble before the ever-increasing cost of gasoline even became an issue. But I think that additional cost is going to force the hand of many such groups in general. I will speak to the ARS only, though, because it is what I know best. This is what I wrote in response to that question:

I think your concern is valid, and those concerns have implications not just for exhibitors but also for judges, and in some ways, for the ARS.

Most of the answers here in this thread suggest that long-term exhibitors will continue to exhibit, when they have roses, no matter what the cost. That is excellent. But, will we be able to develop enough new, young exhibitors who will be able to carry on when today’s exhibitors reach an age at which they are no longer able to do so? Today’s young people are caught in a time and money crunch raising families, more often than not with a mom who works full-time to make ends meet. What, as a society, do we have to offer these people, who have lots of people and concerns competing for their time and money? What do people envision for the future of exhibiting 10 years from now? 20 years from now?

Then, there is the issue of judges for shows. I am no spring chicken, and yet I often feel like one of the younger judges at shows. Our judges are aging and dying (no point in beating around the bush, no matter how thorny!), and many wouldn’t travel more than 50 miles to judge a show even before gas prices started to soar. Will we have adequate judges to maintain the number of shows to which we have become accustomed?

Hopefully the PSWD Horticulture Judging School in Palm Springs weekend after next will produce some new apprentices. We need more up-and-coming judges willing and able to travel if we are to maintain our current number of shows.

Which brings up another point. I have heard through the grapevine, so hopefully it is not really correct, that the plan is to make the judging test harder. I cannot help but wonder what the thought process behind that is. I thought the practical portion of the horticulture judging exam was harder than any practical gross anatomy exam in medical school! If TPTB feel a different process is needed to produce better judges, fine. I can see a user-friendly mentoring process, or something of that sort, to encourage people, rather than increasing the fail rate at a time when we need to be encouraging young judges. JMHO.

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Memorial Service for Alan Hunton

Alan Hunton with Paul Wagner

Fran Hardy, Membership Chair for the Albuquerque Rose Society, has sent out the following announcement:

We have just learned that there will be a memorial service for Alan Hunton
on Wednesday, May 28 at 1:00 pm
at Asbury Methodist Church
10000 Candalaria NE (just East of Eubank).

Alan’s son would like this to be a celebration of his fathers’ life. People telling stories of memories with Alan will be a big part of this celebration. Paul has requested that someone or several from the Rose Society speak about the good times at the garden, etc. This is important to Paul. If you have something would like to share and feel that you will not be able to keep your composure, the Minister will be happy to read it for you.

There will be a reception after the service. The church group is going to have refreshments. If anyone wants to bring something please contact Melissa Maher 323-9730.
I have been told that this is not necessary but if you do want to participate…cheese, crackers and salty treats would be appreciated.

I hope that a lot of us show up to remember our friend Alan.

Both Alan and Jackie are missed.


Arrangement Results, 2008 Albuquerque Spring Show

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